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Pause and rewind live Television with Sky HD box

We cannot put life on hold, but with the greatest advancement in TV technology we can pause live TV to deal with life’s distractions. Once you have answered the telephone call or helped your mom to unpack the grocery, you can resume the viewing of TV from exactly where you had paused the television programme.

Imagine a situation where you are watching the last over of a cricket match and you have to answer the door bell. What do you do? If you answer the door bell, you will surely miss out on a couple of balls. So, in such instances it would be fantastic if you could pause the match and watch it from where you had started after answering the door bell. Now, with Sky TV you can rewind live TV to catch up on anything that you have missed.

To use this feature, you just have to use the Pause button on the remote control device of the Sky digital box. When you have finished your work, you can resume the television programme by pressing the Play button. This is a very simple function and even small kids can pause and play the live television programmes.

Other than play and pause, there is also another feature called the Rewind feature. Using this feature, you can rewind the live programme and check out what you may have missed out. The Sky HD box, which is the latest offering from Sky Digital Television, has the Play, Pause and Rewind features.

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